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Cheryl Dian | Fashion and Image Consultant

November 27, 20222 min read

Cheryl Dian is an esthetician and image consultant from Trinidad and Tobago who focuses on teaching women to speak and put their best foot forward. As well, she is an author who writes books in the field of image consulting and style. 

Her story is incredible, having gone from Trinidad and Tobago to London to the United States, she was able to build up her life and her career through undergoing a series of certifications and dabbling in a variety of different areas. 

As well as her esthetics certification, she boasts degrees in Business Management, Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising. 

The Power of Color

Cheryl shares the importance of using style and image to convey meaning. As an example, she discusses the power of the color purple. Purple is associated with royalty and Cheryl uses the color purple in her own branding to promote to women and model for women that she is able to help them with their image. 

“Purple of course had to be there to be royalty and the richness of it,” Cheryl explains about her logo and branding. “The blue represents the ocean and endless possibilities…and the pink for the feminine.”

Why She Chose Image Consulting

Cheryl explains that many people in her home country wanted to be doctors or they were otherwise sure in what they wanted their careers to be. Instead, the only thing that she was certain of was that she wanted to be stylish. 

“Always dress nice, always,” she insisted. People in her home neighborhood remember her for the way she dressed and her high affinity for all things fashion and looking nice. 

People were skeptical of her aspiration to be an esthetician, but eventually, those around her realized that she was able to provide services for people that helped to improve their confidence. By helping people in this way, Cheryl was able to find her passion in life.

Listen to her full story here

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