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Aprille Franks | Feminine Conscious Business Coach

November 07, 20221 min read

Aprille Franks is an author, content creator, and community builder who has found success through her hard work and dedication. 

Through the creation and formation of a community, Aprille has expanded her brand which strives to help women relax and recharge. “Women recharged was really about women taking a step back, recharging their internal batteries is something I used to say all the time, and recalibrating to the things that is that they wanted”, Aprille says about her personal brand.

Her Life Calling

Aprille felt like her life’s purpose has been to uplift women. She does this by extending her own energy, listening to women and extending grace to them. Through her own brand, she reaches out to women to remind them that they are important, that self-care is important, and that women from all backgrounds can find success and confidence through empowerment. 

On Society and Fakeness

One of the most frustrating things for Aprille is the falseness that exists in leadership.
“Our society rewards fake”, she explains. The creation of an online brand and an online personality has this element to it as well unless you are genuine with it. For Aprille, being genuine is the way that she finds herself reaching women and allowing herself to be available to women to complete her higher calling. 

She explains a powerful experience that she had by going to a feminine sabbatical and how rewarding it was to tap back into her feminine energy in order to find the energy that serves her and serves the people around her as well. 

Aprille encourages others to reach out to like-minded people and find people that align with your interests for spirituality, relationships, business, etc. instead of trying to fit themselves to someone else’s mold. 

Listen to her full story here

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