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Melika Honore | The Mayor of Credit

December 03, 20222 min read

Melika Honore is the founder and CEO of Entre Credit Consultants. She is a financial coach from New Orleans who strives to lift up women who want to participate in business and take their lives to the next level. Melika started her own journey toward generational wealth and now has made it her purpose to instill the same priority in other women.

The Beginning

Her story is one of immense struggle and the hard hustle that the cycle of having money and having no money can throw you into. Her story starts with a single investment into a childcare facility after Hurricane Katrina. With a new business and a dream, Melika was eager to get her life back on track and create generational wealth. 

She tells the story of an eager scammer who took advantage of her when she was struggling to expand her new business.

The Path She Took

From her initial investment, Melika was able to grow her initial childcare facility into four different facilities. And from her experience with the scammer, she was able to use the experience. Getting scammed was what inspired Melika to create a legitimate credit repair business in order to help other like-minded people repair their credit and start their own entrepreneurial path. 

“Knowledge is everywhere,” Melika says. “...but starting a credit repair company was the best thing I ever did. And it is the most rewarding.”

Learning about the complicated mechanisms of credit repair, including debt to income ratio and all of the other reasons why your credit report may not be as good as it should be is what has allowed her to teach other women to do so. Now, with this business venture, she is able to lift women out of situations where they are reliant on government funding to be self-reliant and thriving.

“Financial freedom affords options, freedom to do whatever the heck we want to do. Right. So here I am talking about wealth, and wealth is in welfare. And we want to be wealthy. And I want to be here for generational wealth.”  -  Melika Honore

Listen to her full story here

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