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Jasmin Murphy | The Queen of Modification(Co-Visionary)

November 01, 20221 min read

Jasmin Murphy is an incredibly inspirational woman who has spent her entire life learning to love herself. This is a common struggle that women of all shapes and all sizes have, but Jasmine was able to lose over 200 pounds naturally with hard work and a change in mindset.

Jasmin battled the idea of being body positive and battled with herself to create the life that she has today. She couldn’t find other women who looked like her going through the amazing journey that she was going through, so she wanted to change that and share her story with others. 

The Turning Point

Jasmin describes a moment where she fell on the ground while outside of her children’s school.  She describes it as a mortifying moment because she couldn’t get herself up off of the ground and other parents came over to try and help her. 

“I didn't know if the kids had seen, I didn't know if my kids had seen and I didn't want my kids to be teased, because their mom was laying on the ground outside, right and she couldn't get up,” she explains.

This was the moment that she decided that changes needed to be made in her life and she reached out to a friend and asked for help. 

The Power of 52

Jasmin is one of the co-founders of this movement to help other entrepreneurial women become inspired. As Jasmin was once without inspiration, she hopes to be part of this incredible team to uplift women around the world.  

Listen to her story here

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