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Allyson Byrd | Self-Made Millionaire

November 09, 20222 min read

Allyson Byrd is a person who prefers no title in reference to her accolades or accomplishments. Instead, she would rather not have a bio to define her, but rather a focus that is centered on her whole self and the totality of her accomplishments.

 Instead, what is important to her is her identity as a person, rather than her identity in a particular role.

 I'm that human that shows up. Some people call me a coach and call me a strategist. Call me a pastor, call me a minister, call me a psychic, call me a prophet. There are no roles or titles that contain any of us. - Allyson Byrd on her accolades.

 Her Mission, Our Mission

 Allyson positions herself as a guiding voice to help push people along on their journeys. Because our own individual paths are not defined, neither is Allyson’s in her role to help others fulfill their own sense of self and path toward personal success. 

 Her educational path was different than many people, but Allyson says that she “learned uniquely”. When she dropped out of high school at 15, she didn’t stop with her education there. Although she reports that she “felt suffocated in traditional education”, Allyson returned to high school at 19 years old and graduated at 20. Then, she was offered a scholarship for higher education.

 There, she found that college was much too restrictive for her, and entrepreneurship unveiled itself as an option, though not a very attractive one. The perception then was that when nothing else worked out for you, you called yourself an entrepreneur.

 With this in mind, Allyson set out to change that stereotype and that preconceived notion.

 She reports an experience where she dated a man who was the head of an advertising agency. About this experience, Allyson says that “the biggest thing that he taught me was, an entrepreneur can only kill what they eat. And what I did not know how to do was kill”.

 This “killing” is conversion, something which is absolutely key in the world of entrepreneurship. Something that Allyson Byrd learned how to do.

Listen to her full story Here

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